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Stitches Collection

About Stitches Collection


Stitches Collection® are a unique series of trademarked therapy dolls designed and made in Australia through the Creative Groundz Studio program.
The dolls are made by our amazing, diverse crew, including those with disabilities and mental health, to encourage dialogue with kids, their parents/carers, and the general community on health, social, and mental health issues.
The Stitches Collection® designs have been used by DanielleRG, lead artist of Creative Groundz Studio and Western Sydney community artist, in her youth and community engagement projects since 2010. Building on techniques taught to children to design characters, the Stitches Collection® have been brought to life in the community from the community.  
The first Collection of 18 dolls was publicly launched in June 2019 in Blacktown, Western Sydney. As a not-for-profit community initiative, part of the proceeds of all Stitches Collection® dolls support the delivery of community projects in Lalor Park under Creative Groundz Studio and Wolkara Elders Group (see ‘Our Community’ below). 
With each doll representing its own vulnerability and having its own story, each Stitches Collection® character is looking for a friend to love and hug.  
At the heart of what we do is a commitment to projects and partnerships that serve our local community of Lalor Park, Blacktown  Western Sydney. Stitches Collection® is one such partnership project.
Our vision is for a thriving community, one characterised by hope and support, inclusion and well-being for all members. It is through our two core initiatives – Creative Groundz Studio and Common Groundz Community Cafe – and by working together with our community that we work to achieve this vision. 

​Creative Groundz Studio

Established in March 2015, Creative Groundz Studio has established itself as an invaluable drop-in for the community of Lalor Park. Offering social connection for those at risk of social isolation, creative exploration through its meaningful daily activities, and community building through its outreach events, the Stitches Crew of Creative Groundz Studio are here to serve.
DRG Stitches Collection Ltd is a registered charity.
ACNC :76658178664
Start the conversation and show you care. 
Mental health, health and social justice issues affect our youth.  
We have a large range of dolls, including Multicultural, Indigenous, LGBTQIA+ and many more!

How Can Stitches Dolls Help?

By helping you find the words:
Sometimes words are hard to find. Each Stitches Collection doll has a story to tell. Whether it’s a story you relate to or the story of someone you know, sometimes we just need a little help finding the words. 

By helping start a conversation:
Mental health, health and social justice issues can be tough to talk about. Just like you, Stitches Collections dolls have their own story.
Let them help start a conversation.
By showing you care:
Mental health, health and social issues can be isolating and lonely at times. Just like you, Stitches Collection dolls are here to be hugged and loved.

Sometimes we just need a buddy:
Each Stitches Collection doll is looking for a friend to care for, accept, and confide in. Sometimes all we need is a buddy to comfort us.
This would not be possible without the generous donations from our amazing community partnerships.

Whether you relate to the doll yourself, or want to support someone you love – or just because they’re so darn cute! – Stitches Collection dolls are here to help.

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