Stitches Collection

Stitches Collection

Stitches Programs

Stitches Manufacturing Program

All our unique products are handmade in our studio space by our amazing staff and volunteers. Through this program we support those with mental health who do not fit into mainstream work to assist us with our manufacturing process. Learning new skills, being a part of a team and encouraging confidence in a safe, fun work environment.
Supporting women is the focus in our flexible manufacturing program, as we work alongside our Wolkara Elders group. We develop Aboriginal collective artworks that we turn into our own materials ,which are then turned into Table Runners, Tablecloths, Baby Wraps and Baby pram quilts. Developing sellable stock, through our online shop, that supports Stitches and Wolkara Elders programming.
Our Therapy dolls are at the core of what we do, raising awareness of Mental Health, Health and Social Justice Issues through their individual stories, with future dolls always being developed to support a myriad of issues that face the next generation and the community at large. All our Indigenous series are approved by Wolkara Elders. Purchasing any of our handmade items ,lets you help us to support our programs.


Food Relief - Community Meal:

This program is important to the Stitches Collection as it helps maintain a level of visibility in the community and creates an opportunity to meet the community to talk to them about what help and support, they require. Our community has a diverse range of issues that all relate back in some way to mental health and Food Relief allows us to encourage conversations in a safe environment.
Outline of what we do:  
  • Supports Families struggling with the cost of living.
  • Creates an opportunity to meet and understand the needs of the community firsthand.
  • Provides real time data that helps develop targeted programs based on real needs.

Team Building Workshops

If your Company/Organisation has a social conscience, then this is the Team Building workshop you’ve been looking for. Enquire through our online form how we can create a Team building day your team will remember while supporting a great cause. Our Team Building workshops enable your team to assist the development of our Stitches dolls that we will donate to one of our partnering children’s charities. Learn about what Stitches stands for while enjoying a few hours together at our studio space or on site at your location. Develop dolls for children in need and/or develop a unique artwork that can be displayed in your office space. Duration: 2-3 hrs


Stitches Engagement Program- for People with a disability (SEP) :

Outline of what we do: 
Creates opportunities and activities of arts and craft are varied from week to week, with a room capacity of a comfortable 10, 5 participants and their carers every week has helped forge a collective identity. As they share common experiences of their struggles and histories in art, music and crafts. They are able to socialize  and often can be the only real person to person contact and communication they get within a week.
The program offers lunch and coffee and tea and a safe creative environment where participants are encouraged and supported to achieve obtainable goals they have set for themselves. Brining such joy and inclusivity to those who are often lonely and forgotten by our society.
Program Outcomes:
  • Reduce stigma around disability and mental health
  • Meaningful activities that have personal or community outcome
  • Increases self-esteem and confidence in participants
  • Learn new creative skills

Stitches Well-Being Resilience Program (Stitches EDU Program or SWRP) :

Stitches EDU Program has been developed since 2021 with successful pilots through Eastern Creek, Wentworthville and Merrylands Primary schools.  Over the past two years our program has been evaluated with pleasing results. With children participating using and understanding Stitches dialogue and noticeable behavioral adjustments and participation with students. Programs can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual school depending on the most prominent issue in their school i.e. Bullying, self-harm, communication etc.. Programs can be set for one day workshops or up to 6 weeks program.
Our teachers are highly qualified Educators, trained in well-being and conduct issues with 2023 we have our first trainee teacher being trained in Stitches programming.
  • Raise awareness about mental health, health and social justice issues.
  • Reduce the stigma associated with mental health
  • Promote help seeking behaviors and emotional well-being practices
  • Prevent suicide through individual education and developing out-reach events-engagements and initiatives.
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