Stitches Collection

Stitches Collection

Stitches Yearly Events

Anzac Day : 25th April 2024

Since 2012 to present- in which we include The Wolkara Elders for Welcome to Country and Ron Shultz from RAAF Richmond Aboriginal Liaison office, a deaf interpreter, community choir and ministers for prayers and Jason Lewis from Community Garden for Audio. In partnership with Common Groundz Community Café who when service is completed provide a free Bacon and egg sandwich and small coffee. Our Gatherings have reached over 400 in attendance.

Sorry Day : 26th May

Since 2017– our connection began with the Wolkara Elders, we began to develop a Sorry day event that recognizes the history of First Nations people. This is the day we gather around the park with our Elders and embrace them as the leaders and recognize what they have been through. We usually have 40-50 in attendance.

NAIDOC: First Sunday In July – Following Sunday

Since 2017- NAIDOC is the time we celebrate our First Nations people. Our NAIDOC Event that we had in 2022 was our first inclusive event that included non- indigenous stalls. As the day is usually set for First Nations service providers and stalls we decided that we would use the event to promote inclusiveness as a way to bridge the gap and create opportunity for non- indigenous people to learn and engage with our Wolkara Elders and the First Nations community at large. We have approx. 150 in attendance at this event.

Christmas Collective Carols: First Sunday of December 

Stitches took over the Christmas Event from the local churches who ran the event for several years. We partner with Common Groundz Community Café and Lalor Park Community Garden- between us we host the event, which includes community stalls, provides food and entertainment. 500 in attendance through the course of the event.
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